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Why MediBit?

Why MediBit?

Worming Horses is a complex and highly researched area of animal health, regulated in most countries and a critical part of Horse ownership and care.

Understanding fully what is best for your horse and when and how to administer the de-wormer is often glossed over in the need to quickly worm your horse, and get the job done. However, in time this can lead to complications from worm resistance to the pastes used.

A good worming programme and tactical rotational worming has been found to help prevent worm resistance and it is important in rotating your worming products to make sure the ingredients are different, not just a different brand.

You can develop an effective worming programme on an annual basis by using tactical worming for specific parasites, using faecal worm egg counts and tapeworm testing where possible, plus rotate active ingredients during the seasons, depending on grazing conditions and climate. There is some excellent advice at the Wormers Direct UK website on this subject.  Wormers-direct also supply MediBit in the UK.


So why MediBit? Another big issue around worm resistance is under dosing. Many of you have a horse that is easy to worm and takes the syringe happily. But does all the paste hit the spot?

How often have you seen your horse after worming actively dripping a mixture of paste and saliva? When you consider the volume of paste used in a dose, this can add up to a fair proportion of the paste required for treatment, which can lead eventually to worm resistance to that paste. You all know about the resistance to antibiotics in the health industry, and the insistence by health practitioners that a full prescription is used, - it’s the same problem.

MediBit has been designed to specifically help avoid this during worming any horse. The Patented geometry of the MediBit places the worming paste at the back of the tongue and behind the bit bar. This means when using a MediBit the paste is deposited in an area that promotes swallowing - it’s harder to bring it forward from the rear of the tongue, plus the bit bar acts as a chewing barrier, again promoting swallowing. This all encourages a higher proportion of the paste to be swallowed and can therefore do its work in the horse’s gut, not on the ground.

MediBit has also been designed to accept syringes up to 30ml for administering medication or vitamin and mineral supplements.

Above all else though, if you have any concerns about the health of your horse, please talk to your Vet.

Thanks for looking at our product.

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